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Live Nation, Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri (Helsinki City Theatre), Riksteatern (Swedish National Touring Theatre), Uppsala Stadsteater, Dramaten (The Royal Theatre, Stockholm) et al.


Alma Education Screenwriting 2020-2021

Stockholm University Collage of Theatre, Film and TV (DI/SKH) Stage Directing MA 2000-2004

Stockholms elementära teaterskola (s.e.t) Acting 1997-1998

Stockholm University Educational Drama 1994-1995

Stockholm University Theatre Studies  1994-1995

Goethe Institute, Berlin German studies 2009

Universidad de Granada Curso de Estudios Hispánicos  1995-96


2023 Marsvinsnätter (Guinea Pig Nights) by Christina Herrström, Norrbottensteatern.

2022 Syrenvägen (Lilac Road) by Anders Duus, Scenkonst Sörmland.

2021 Johnny the Fucker after a novel by (and starring) Magnus Uggla, Stockholms stadsteater, Rival.

2020 Män kan inte våldtas (Man Rape) after a novel by Märta Tikkanen, Lilla teatern, Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri.

2020 Bygdens söner (Country Boys) by Anders Duus, Riksteatern.

2020 Tidsvalvet, levande biblioteket by Martin Wirmark, an exhibition at the National Museum (adaptation, directing).

2019 King Lear by William Shakespeare, Romateatern.

2019 100 Songs by Roland Schimmelpfennig, Örebro länsteater.

2018 Fattigfällan (The Powerty Trap) after a novel by Charlotta von Zweigbergk. Uppsala Stadsteater.

2018 Det finns ingenting att vara rädd för (There is Nothing to be Afraid of) after a novel by Johan Heltne, Uppsala stadsteater

2017 Uppgång & fall (Rise and Fall) after a comic book by Liv Strömquist, Uppsala Stadsteater.

2017 Medan klockan tickar (While the Clock is Ticking) by Duus, Heine, Tersman, Weithz, Riksteatern (Swedish National Touring Theatre)/Dramaten (the Royal Theatre, Stockholm).

2016 Dagbrott (Open Pitt) by Anders Duus, Riksteatern. 

2016 Befrielsefronten (The Liberation Army) by Maria Sveland, Örebro Länsteater.

2015 1984 by D. Macmillan & R. Icke based on George Orwells novel, Riksteatern (National Touring Theatre).

2014 Hej, det är jag igen (Hello it's Me Again) by Kristina Lugn, Dramaten (the Royal Theatre, Stockholm).

2014 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Simon Stephens based on Mark Haddons novel, Örebro Länsteater.

2013 Grodregn över Fruängen (Frog Rain Over Fruängen) by Anders Duus, Stockholms Stadsteater.

2013 Apatiska för nybörjare (Apathy for Beginners) by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Stockholms Stadsteater.

2012 Prins Charles känsla (Prins Charles's Feeling) The TV version SVT

2011 Prins Charles känsla The Radio Theatre Version (my adaptation), Swedish National Radio Theatre, SR.

2011 Prins Charles känsla (Prins Charles's Feeling) after a comic book by Liv Strömquist, Malmö Stadsteater.

2011 Ingvar! En musikalisk möbelsaga (Ingvar! A Musical Furniture Tale) by Erik Gedeon & Klas Abrahamsson, Örebro Länsteater.

2010 Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen, Riksteatern.

2010 Duvorna (The Pigeons) by David Gieselmann, acting students final production, Luleå University, LTU.

2010 Om Kärlek (About Love) by Lars Norén, Dramaten. 

2009 Bitterfittan (The Bitter Bitch) by Maria Sveland, Radioteatern, P1 (Swedish National Radio Theatre).

2009 Fröken Julie (Miss Julie) by August Strindberg (my adaptation), open air theatre in Hågelbyparken outside Stockholm.

2009 Monsterkabinettet by Malin Axelsson, Unga Klara, Sthlm.

2008 Fem gånger gud (Five Times God) by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Riksteatern (National Touring Theatre).

2008 Skådespelerskan (The Actress) by Anne Charlotte Leffler, Stockholms Stadsteater. 

2007 Bitterfittan (The Bitter Bitch) by Maria Sveland, Uppsala Stadsteater.

2007 Akutintaget (The Emergency Room) playwright students final production, Malmö Dramatiska Teater/ Malmö Stadsteater.

2006 Offret (The Victim) by Mattias Andersson, Ung scen öst.

2006 Allt ska bort (Everything must go) by Anders Duus, Riksteatern. 

2005 Mi-Mi’s sexuella liv by Åsa Lindholm, ung scen/öst. 

2005 Spela vuxen by Åsa Lindholm, Friteatern i Sundbyberg. 

2004 Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp, Göteborgs Stadsteater.

2004 Soppåse till himlen by Åsa Lindholm, Radioteatern, P1.

2004 Bettysagorna by Åsa Lindholm, moment:teater.

2003 Det passionerade ämnet by Åsa Lindholm. Orionteatern, Sthlm.

2002 Nangijala by Anders Duus, Teater Västmanland.

2000 Svälj by me and Paula Stenström Glashuset, Sthlm.

1999 Boggle by me, Cirkus Tigerbrand, Sthlm.

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